Partnerships with Emotion

Partnerships with Emotion

Discover OliveEmotion and its Partners ….

It is at the foundation of their partnerships that OliveEmotion builds its brand.
They are the ones that help us to differentiate in the market and that constitute a fundamental basis for our success!

Olive Oil with Emotion

Ana Rosado Consultoria

The Partnership OliveEmotion and Ana Rosado is at the origin of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil OliveEmotion. This partnership enabled us to work on a set of innovative technical solutions, resulting in a high quality product.

At the origin of the superior quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil OliveEmotion lies the partnership with Ana Rosado since beginning of 2018.

With her, a first blend was developed mainly with Portuguese olive varieties, rigorously selected by it’s perfect sanitary and maturation condition and extracted in a modern mill with the best preservation conditions.

The partnership allows working with a set of innovative technical solutions that, through methodologies focused in valuing what is done best in Portugal, originates products of high quality, adequate to the needs of the national and international markets and associated to a concept of modernity and youth that the brand wants to convey.

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Travels with Emotion

Tryvel – Groups & Incentives®

OliveEmotion® joins Tryvel – Groups & Incentives® in the Discovery of the Emotion of Olive Oil, in a partnership that promises to bring new flavors to the table and new emotions to travelling.

After 10 trips to the best destinations and wine regions in Portugal and Europe, the idea came up to extend our sensory experience beyond the tones and flavors of the wine. We thus created a harmony at the table, combining the wine with the olive oil.

Thus, Tryvel – Groups & Incentives® joins OliveEmotion® in Discovering the Emotion of Olive Oil, in a partnership that promises to bring new flavors to the table and new emotions to our travels. A perfect and unforgettable harmony between wine and olive oil.

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Cooking with Emotion

The Cook Lab Project

OliveEmotion has partnered with The Cook Lab Project created by Chef Tomás Pereira with a view to enhancement of Portuguese products and recipes where it explores new techniques, new trends and new flavors through molecular cuisine. For Chef Tomás Pereira cooking is the purest union of science with art. The Chef has already visited some of the best restaurants and hotels in Lisbon such as the Feitoria and worked with some of the best national Chefs. His route through the kitchen also passed the British restaurant Fat Duck *** distinguished with three Michelin stars where he worked with the celebrated Heston Blumenthal.

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Chef Mickael Moreira

The partnership between OliveEmotion and Chef Mickael Moreira was born recently as a result of a mutual desire to experiment with innovative concepts and a great passion for olive oil.

The partnership allows us to work on a set of unusual and unlikely solutions through the combination of olive oil with other ingredients. The olive oil sorbet that has been recently created is an excellent example of this partnership.

Chef Mickael, is of French origin. Son of Portuguese immigrants,he soon developed a passion for cooking, grounded in French technical training but inspired by the simplicity of the Portuguese gastronomy and the naiveness of it’s flavours. He is currently a trainer in “Turismo de Portugal”


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