7 June, 2019 Discover OliveEmotion

1st Anniversary OliveEmotion

1st ANNIVERSARY OLIVEEMOTION OliveEmotion® is celebrating 1 year of existence in the market and it is with great pride that we are seeing the results of the work developed. In this year we obtained recognitions for quality and innovation in marketing, we launched innovative experiences, we had publications in the media, we participated in renowned events, […]

15 April, 2019 Benefits, Discover Olive Oil

Olive Oil and Diabetes

WHAT IS DIABETES? Diabetes mellitus is one of the leading health problems in the developed countries, and the sixth cause of death. It is one of the major metabolic diseases and it is potentially very serious because it can cause many complications that seriously damage health, such as cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, blindness, peripheral circulation […]

15 April, 2019 Benefits, Discover Olive Oil

Olive Oil and Blood Pressure

OLIVE OIL AND BLOOD PRESSURE Various research studies have reported a close relationship between diet and blood pressure. Certain foods can raise blood pressure besides having an effect on body weight. WHAT IS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE? High blood pressure is known as arterial hypertension and is considered to occur when blood pressure readings are constantly […]

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