What causes attraction

What’s up people, I hope that you were able to read and find some new perspectives on self-development and life by reading our latest incredibly profound posts.
Now I’m back to drop some more awesome knowledge on you guys. In this post we’ll dive into the core of human attraction, into what makes two persons crave one another.

“What’s the big mystery here? Guys go for big titted women with round butts and chicks go for muscled men with ripped abs”

Well, while this is a pretty common stereotype it’s not necessarily untrue. But it would be interesting to understand why is it so. So let’s do it.
Let’s look at your standard hot girl. She doesn’t have a problem showing that she is really having a good time. She has a very strong inner energy that you will feel all around you. She is radiant and free. You suddenly feel very attracted to this girl. This happens because this traits are extremely feminine. What you are feeling is her extremely feminine essence interacting with you.

Now when a girl looks into a hot guy, she will feel his confidence, his ability to protect her and his sense of mission. She feels his intense masculinity.
You see, to have attraction, any kind of attraction, you need to have two well defined opposite poles (trust me I’m an engineer). To generate electrical current you will need both positive and negative poles. For magnetic attraction you will need two opposite magnetic poles. For sexual tension you need to have two well defined masculine and feminine poles. This my friends is what’s called sexual polarity. That’s what causes attraction and it’s one of the most important aspects of relationships and pick-up.

“That makes sense, but what about gays and lesbians? It’s two males or two females how can there be attraction?” Glad you ask. When I talk about sexual polarity I’m referring to the core and essence of the person. You see every human being possesses both masculine and feminine characteristics, a man is able to feel tenderness and be in touch with his emotions and a woman can fight in a MMA cage. But about 80% of men have a masculine essence, other 10% are basically neutral and the remaining 10% have a feminine essence. The same goes for the ladies. In any kind of sexual relationship it’s mandatory to have these two well defined poles.

If you want to have success while picking up girls or if you want to build a long lasting, loving relationship you should have a well defined masculine essence. In fact, most of the tips that I will provide you with will make you more masculine. And you will soon find out that if you have a strong masculine essence you will, in fact, polarize the women you interact with. They will act more feminine around you, thus creating attraction. This is true for girls you meet and for your life partner.

But keeping this masculine essence is actually harder than it seems. It actually happens all the time. That’s why I keep hearing time after time “Sex ends after marriage”. And in most cases it’s true. But it’s not like when you put a ring on her magically her legs close for infinity right? No, what happens is that with time, men lose focus on their purpose, get stuck in routines, succumb to her lady’s every little will, lose the ability to deal with her ever changing moods, become wimps and eventually lose their masculine vibe, depolarizing the relationship! Even worse they can become feminine, which as it happens with magnets, will cause a repel effect on her partner.

So my dear readers and friends, keep an eye out for new posts, where I will be giving you amazing tips on how to be a man with a true masculine core, and thus gain the respect and admiration of your dear lover and/or girls you want to meet.

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