How your conditioned perspective is your ultimate reality

What up my ever evolving primates. As I spent another night rambling with my thoughts and theories, my mind decided to take me into a place of wondering, discussion, more wondering, and then finally some realization.


As someone who lives for the unexpected and just embraces everything life throws at me, I ended up dating someone who my close friends would describe as the “stay away from her” type of girl. Long and intense days of debating and fatherly advice were thrown at me, for the evidences only highlighted that this female was indeed playing more games than the NBA. “Fear not guys, I know how to deal with this one” . Yeah, sure, all this talking just made me want to see her. Well, onto it then.


Big surprise huh !? The inevitable happens, matter of fact we have a lot of common ground, history and mentality wise, we share the same type of flirtatious humour. Whenever she’s close, all the hormones floating around messing with my senses just totally overwhelm me, and in that moment I could feel honesty in her eyes, genuiness in her voice but mostly deliverance from her heart. All these ingredients mixed with the audacity and boldness of her actions made me feel like which I would imagine being under the effect of some heavy ass narcotics, if I’d ever taken one.

“But bro, spare me of this fairy tale story…” 

Onto the next chapter then.


We all share paths, ideas and actions in this journey to achieve our goals. Whatever your mission may be, it’s clear to agree that acquiring the perfect balance in your life is as hard as it gets. Battling to not become the delicate flower who’s always taken with emotions and can never stand his ground, or even running away from the person who always thinks logically but ends up feeling disconnected and out of place wherever he is.

Everything changes, at any moment. Sometimes, there is little or less you can do about it. But it’s fine. Accepting you can’t control everything is the first step to actually being in control of yourself. For it is not what happens that determines your worth, but surely the reaction you will have from it. And that is why going through different processes will leave you confident and sure about your own judgement. Powerfully enough, baring in mind the premise that you will know that no matter what, you will endure. Rejoice.

Reasonably and calmly learn that your circumstances change the way you perceive things, whether by changing your mood, emotionally, or by adding logical facts to it, rationally.  One should always resort some advice from your TRUSTED ONES for whatever you need, but in the end, building your own reality upon such facts is the most efficient way for you to reach your maximum growth and learn from which process you may be going through. If one follows its true desires you will love to engage the world and everyone will feel your fire. Now fly away my friend.


I’ll see you next time.

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