The true objective

Hey guys! This might be a bit deep topic, but I’d like to share with what might be one of the greatest insights you might stumble upon.

Live for yourself.

I know, I know, it might sound half-assed advice, but let me explain in great detail here. It’s not the pretty phrases that will suddenly change your life anyway, but a new perspective might.

Have you ever thought what is your objective with all this self-improvement? You probably don’t even know why you improve upon yourself. For acceptance? For validation? For love? This is what we call needs, right?

In reality, those aren’t your true objectives. The objective isn’t just to find “love,” or to just “feel accepted.” It’s so much more complicated than that, and yet so simple.

It’s for you.

All that matters in the end, is you.

Let’s go back into a far simpler setup to think about this.

Why are we like this today? Why do we need love, acceptance, and all that crap you’ve heard a ton of times? It’s evolution.

Gosh man, you sure do enjoy saying obvious things.

True, but do think about this. Why do we evolve? Why did animals and plants evolve?

It’s all for the sake of preserving the species.

In other words, it’s all to protect ourselves. For our sake.

The way each species of animals and plants protect themselves is different for each situation. Humans “chose” to protect themselves by grouping up. Other animals and plants might’ve chosen other ways, and it can go as far as being the most isolated they can.

Our “grouping” system involves feelings such as fear of being lonely, finding love, trying to be accepted. The species who isolate themselves for example, might have a tremendous fear of finding too many of their own kind at a given time.

What this all means, in the end, is that, loving, needing to be accepted and all that is nothing but an attempt to protect yourself.

What now?

Ugh, do I need to explain everything?

The objective of all your self-improvement and all that validation people seek so much from others, it’s for you. You being shy is for the sake of yourself. You feeling lonely is for the sake of yourself. You trying to improve upon yourself is for the sake of yourself.

And even helping others is for your sake. You’ve probably heard it before, right? “Do voluntary, it’ll make you feel better.” It’s said in the same sentence of advice people give you.

Now take a step back and reflect.

Weren’t there some times where you could’ve respected yourself a bit more? Weren’t there times where your shyness took your freedom away?

Your objective is the same as mine. We live for ourselves.


Don’t take yourself for granted; after all, it’s only for your sake that you work so hard in this life.

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