How to successfully approach women


Back to you all adorable bastards, it is time to give to the people want they crave the most. A meaningful and life changing post. This one comes following my  previous one, so make sure to check that out too. I’ve put here my many hours of dedication of meeting and approaching women in many different environments. Altough already dense with information, keep in mind that this is mainly a learn by doing process, as my attempt in the following lines is to get you in the right track, as fast as possible. Read it as many times as you find suitable. Enjoy.

This one mistake will ruin your relationship, make sure you avoid it

Whassup everyone? I’m so glad that you’ve made the decision to click and read this post because it handles one MAJOR mistake I see many men do in their love relationships. It’s so critical that it will literally ruin what you and your girl have. In fact, if you do this, eventually you will mess up the relations you have with your friends and with your family. I’m not even exaggerating this man, I wish I was!  So, in a way, I guess you could say that I’m saving your life here. So you’re welcome bruh.

In this article, you’re going to learn why you shouldn’t make your woman your focus in life and get a few tips on how you can slowly start to focus on what you should do instead, while maintaining a strong relationship.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (Mark Manson) – Review

What’s up my dear friends? I’m very excited to be able to share these two part video from Miguel Martins, where he makes a spot on review on the book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson.

Miguel is a personal development and pick-up aficionado, and he is the owner of the Facebook Group Lifestyle Mastery. Be sure to check it out to discover videos on self-development, pick-up and gain access to his Basic Program and Mastery Program!

Part 1

Part 2

So that’s it, I hope you enjoyed it. Share your thoughts on the book and this review on the comment section!

3 tips to overcome girl’s random bad moods

What’s up dear readers and friends? I know it’s been a long time since we last spoke. Don’t despair though, because, I’m back and ready to blow your mind with some more meaningful tips on how to improve your relationship(s), and today, I have a big one for you guys.

Why you should gain the habit of approaching woman

If you clicked this, then the enigmatic title served his purpose. Good for you. The following statements and claims are an attempt to rattle something within yourself, to get you to feel that turmoil inside and utterly destroy any limiting beliefs of this matter, attached to your core. Hopefully, something will change from this. In this first segment I will tell you the healthiest and more beneficial mental places that you should come from in order to approach a woman you find desirable, so that you can begin a process that could turn very likable for both. And yes, I do trust your good intentions, pal. Let’s start with some background.

Act like a King, get treated like one

Hey guys! It’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me. Truth is, I have been working on my master’s thesis and I’m finally done with university. I apologize having kept you waiting.

Today’s lesson is a mental exercise I personally try to do every time I can. It’s one of those things that acts a bit like a “cheat.” However, like most lessons of self-development you see around (see How your journey to self-development works) , it takes practice.

Avoid criticizing your girl, praise her instead

Hello my fellow readers, and welcome to The Gracious Bastard once again! I really hope that you enjoyed my previous posts about lasting longer in bed and female orgasms. With the information in these posts you can get a long way in getting closer to your full potential in being a lover.
But today let’s return to the topic of relationships.

The 3 types of female orgasms

Hello my friends once again. I’m back with some more awesome knowledge for you guys. This post is almost a direct follow up of my previous one, in a way that while said post speaks about what can you do to last longer while ravishing your partner with intense love, today we will talk about the 3 types of female orgasms. This means talking about how they feel and what can you do to reach each one of them.

How to last for as long as you want in sex

Whattup my friends, how is it going? Today I will be talking about something of the utmost importance. How can you last for as long as you want while having sex. This is a topic that affects a lot of men. I got an interesting fact while attending a tantra workshop. Keep in mind that the workshop was held in Portugal, my home country, so all data presented was referent to it. Do you have any idea of how, in average, does sex lasts in Portugal? From the moment it begins until the male ejaculates? Around three minutes.
Now let’s be generous and say that the ordinary Portuguese has sex around ten times in one month. This means that, in total, the time spent having sex in one month is 30 minutes. Jeez. Imagine all the unfulfilled gals.

How your journey to self-development works: Part 2

Hello my lovely fellas once again! This post is a continuation of the part 1 which talks about how this whole self-development system works for you, which you can find here.

Now, as previously said in the part 1, what can you do to actually improve yourself with self-development?

This won’t be tips such as “writing notes,” or “practice.” That would be crappy advice and steer you away from your righteous path, which is in TGB.
All right so here we go.